DNA Breed Identification Kit

DNA Kit The BioPet Vet Lab DNA Breed ID Kit helps pet owners identify the breed information of their dog. Pet owners use this kit to take a harmless Deoxyribonucleic Acid sample from their dog. Then they send it in with the postage paid kit. Bio Pet will then analyze the DNA with their database. Currently they can identify the breeds of 92% of all dogs in the gene pool with more breeds being added into the database everyday.

You can see how the DNA Breed ID Kit works by downloading the PDF instructions. Order the DNA Breed ID Kit now and identify your dog’s breed today.


Pet Medication Tips

We love our pets as they bring so much joy into the household. Pets, like humans, require correct nutrition, exercise, vaccinations, treatments and pet medications as needed. Pets can catch diseases and ailments like any human can so its important to keep your pet at bay from these problems. Your pet may need treatments at the local vet, and/or pet medications as needed. Medical issues typically faced by pets include intestinal worms, liver or kidney disease, parasites, cancer, ulcers, hernia, poisoning and diabetes.

There are different pet medications for different pet diseases. For worm problems you can get dewormers. Other medications include ear and eye products, arthritis and joint care, pet shampoos, flea and tick remedies, and heartworm preventatives. Some products may require a prescription while other products may not. Those that do require one, you will need a prescription from your vet. You can beat Vet prices by taking your prescription to an online pet supplier.

Get an affordable pet insurance plan to help save money on your pet’s medications. Generally speaking, pet care insurance can alleviate all the financial burden you may encounter if you have to take your pet to the vet or purchase pet meds for him or her.

When treating your pet with pet meds, be sure to follow the directions or the prescription properly. An overdose may harm your pet while an underdose may not help your pet at all.

The health and happiness of your pet is vital since the friendship that your pet gives you is priceless.


West Nile Virus and Pets

West Nile Virus, or WMV can infect pets, however infection rates in epidemic areas are low and does not cause severe illness. Old, Young and pets with immune system problems are at a higher risk for contracting the West Nile Virus.

Contraction of the West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus in canine and other types of pets are contracted in the same way humans contract the virus, an infectious bite by a mosquito. It is also possible that your pet can become infected by eating a dead infected animal such as birds or squirrels, but this has not been proven yet.

Protecting Your Pet

You can protect your pet by keeping pets indoors during peak mosquito hours like Dawn, Dusk, and early evening. Eliminate all standing water around your home. If you have landscaping, make sure there is adequate drainage everywhere. Water lasting for more than 4 days can put you at potential risk. Use sand to help drain water easier in soil. Drill holes at the bottom of containers, and clean gutters annually. Contact your local veterinarian if your pet exhibits neurological signs such as incoordination, abnormal head posture, depression, circling, decreased appetite, convulsions, or difficulty walking. Use only approved mosquito repellent for your pet. Read the label to make sure it is approved for pets. Do not use human mosquito repellent that is not approved for pets.

Repellents for Horses

Mosquito Halt
Mosquito Halt

Repellents for Dogs or Cats

Pet-Guard Gel
Pet Guard Gel

Pet-Guard Insecticide Gel with Sunscreen
Pet Guard Sunscreen Gel

Mosquito Halt for Dogs Aerosol
Mosquito Halt for Dogs Aerosol

DEET On Pets

Do not use DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide, N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) on pets. This should be avoided. DEET has been associated with adverse effects when used on dogs and cats. Citrus oil extracts and other essential oils are not recommended since most canines and felines have extreme sensitivities to these ingredients.

Animal and Human Virus Transmission

There is no current evidence of transmission of the westnile virus from animals to humans, humans to animals, or animals to animals. There is no need to destroy an animal if it is infected with the West Nile Virus.

West Nile Virus Vaccine

There currently is no vaccine to treat dogs and cats for West Nile Virus. There is only a vaccine available for horses called Recombitek West Nile Vaccine by Merial. This product is for equine use only.Recombitek West Nile Vaccine


Discount Pet Meds

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